Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stress Relief

The words, "Stressed Out" are terms we all have used to say things like, I am over my limit, I have had enough or leave me alone!!! We have discovered over the last several Sunday's that stress is a major enemy to intimacy of any kind. With God, first of all and with others as well. Stress will make us feel out of control. It will rob our peace and in some create sickness and disease. God has a lot to say about stress relief in his word.

1 Peter 5:6 directs us to humble ourselves under God's hand and He will exalt us in His time. Humble means to obey because I trust you. In other words, put ourselves in God's spiritual boundaries. When I do this there are two wonderful results. One, God gives me a promotion in his time. Two, I get to make my stress God's responsibility. Casting is a participle connected to humble. The casting is tied to trust. A Big Stress Relief!!!

When Stress gets heavy, running becomes an option. We learned from Elijah in 1 Kings 19 that stress has to be looked at from God's perspective. God reminded the prophet that He could move mountains and shake circumstances. He is faithful. God also was busy anointing a successor to wicked King Ahab, even though Elijah couldn't see anything. Just because God is silent, it doesn't mean He is still. God always has a plan . His future Intervention is secured in our hearts by His past faithfulness. Get proper perspective on the stress that is overwhelming you.

Next Sunday, we will conclude this series on stress relief. I believe this will be the best yet.

God Bless You,

Pastor Kevin

P.S. Remember Friday night is the ladies night out. It will be awesome. We are almost completely full, please contact Ashley at ext-110 if you still want to attend. Also the dream lab is meeting in room 113.

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Anonymous said...

awesome, this is such a practical message, I will be reading it again during the middle of the week when the world attempts to throw its stress rocks at me. This message is a true blessing to me.