Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ever Feel Shortchanged?

Paul's writing to the Roman believers is powerful though not easy to digest. Romans 5:3-5 (message) says,  "There's more to come: We continue to shout our praise even when we're hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, 4 and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. 5 In alert expectancy such as this, we're never left feeling shortchanged. Quite the contrary - we can't round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit!" I love this, We are NEVER, EVER, EVER left shortchanged with our Heavenly Father.
It's the end part, "keeping us alert for whatever God will do next" and "we can't round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit!", that makes the hard first part, "because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us...", bearable. Along with this great scripture is a great prophetic word I received this week from some ministry colleagues, hope they bless you.

Bill Burns Prophetic Word:
I see where you have camped out.  But, the cloud is moving.  The cloud is going before you, so get up and go with Me, and you will have no regrets.   For, I am leading you to a higher place than you have ever been.  Your discernment in this season will grow greatly, and your ability to seek and find Me will rise to a place that you have never understood.  You will know in your heart, without any doubt, that I am for you and with you.  I am leading you, guiding you, protecting you, and I will provide for you.  Healing will come.  The healing waters will flow.  The flow of the Spirit is increasing in these days.  So, come into agreement with My purposes and come with Me on this journey, says the Lord.
Ask for wisdom in your current dilemma, and I will show you how to proceed.  I will reveal pieces of the puzzle that you have not yet considered, says the Lord.  Trust Me to take you in a proper progression so that nothing is lost, stolen or destroyed that is still of value.  My ways always bring life and liberty to all concerned.  Be strong and persevere.  



Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finding the Happiest place on Earth

Today I declare that a shift is coming. Whatever you need — a shift in your health, a shift in your finances, or a shift in a relationship. It may not look like anything is happening in the natural, but we serve a supernatural God. He’s about to breathe in your direction in a new way! The enemies you have seen in the past, you will see no more. The addictions or bad habits that have held you back are being broken in Jesus’ name. God’s favor is being released in a new way that will propel you forward. What should have taken you 40 years to accomplish, God is going to do in a split second!

The shift is acceleration. The shift means going beyond where you could go on your own. The shift is seeing Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider, do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond. Now our attitude should be, “God, I’m ready. I’m taking the limits off of You. I’m enlarging my vision. I may not see a way, but I know You have a way. I declare I’m coming into a shift!”

Job 22:28 says it this way, “You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways.”

Blessings, PK

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Prayer of Blessing for the Mercy's Redemptive Gift

I bless you and honor you for your special place as the most complex and most sensitive of the gifts.  You are the crown jewel of God’s creation.  The apostle John is the model for your gift, with his intimate and confidential relationship with Jesus.

I bless you for your safety for those who are wounded.  You tend to attract people who are having mental and emotional distress.  I bless your initiative toward wounded ones.  You know who is feeling rejected, excluded or wounded.  People, even strangers, can safely share their pain.  You can touch a grieving heart with your quick release of tears.

I bless your deep power of compassion, the most healing of all human emotions.  A biblical model for what mercy does is the Good Samaritan, who was sensitive and responsive to the needs of the wounded man when other travelers passed by on the other side.  He identified with the man who fell among thieves.  He had courage to translate caring into practical action.  He did what he did because he was the man that he was.

I bless your loyalty to those you love.  You are quick to take up the offenses of family and friends when they are rejected or mistreated.  You draw away from those who are insensitive to others.

I bless your ability to sense genuine love.  You have a large number of acquaintances and people who enjoy you, but you may have only a few close intimate friends.  I bless your need for deep friendships in which there is mutual commitment and closeness.  You have great expectations from friendships and can be deeply hurt by disappointments in friends.  Jesus is your only Friend who will never disappoint.

I bless the totally different language that you speak, the language of the heart that is sometimes too deep for logic or for words.  I bless you as you try to speak the language that your spirit does not have vocabulary for.  I bless how you can recognize and capture God’s presence in the ordinary events of everyday life.  You see the beauty in the smallest things.  You take time to smell the roses and appreciate unplanned moments of goodness.  You communicate so much with your eyes, your touch, and your attention.  You are frustrated when others don’t understand this.  You don’t like people to try to re-engineer you into being something you are not.

I bless your desire for closeness.  You measure acceptance by physical closeness and quality time together.  You crave intimacy of soul, physical touch, hugs, communication, and contact.  God designed you for intimacy in body, soul, and spirit.  He will make a way for its holy and righteous expression by his grace.

I bless you with God’s perspective on pain.  Without his perspective, you can see no spiritual benefit to pain and suffering.  When you avoid pain, the discipline of God may be wasted, because he builds righteousness and maturity through the discipline of pain.  You may react to God’s purposes in allowing people to suffer, and you want to remove the cause of pain quickly.  I bless you to keep your eye on the joy set before you:  to share in his holiness, a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who are trained by discipline, by pain, by struggle.

I bless you to turn to God for comfort when you are hurting.  You can be sensitive, easily inured by the words and actions of others.  You have a hard time healing from injury and processing and expressing what you are feeling.  Others say to you, “Just get over it.”  This lack of understanding can cause you to withdraw and shut down.  I bless you to pursue God of all comfort and Father of mercies, who will move into the pain and minister life where healing is needed. 

I bless you with healthy, God-ordained boundaries.  You can become a burden-bearer for burdens God does not intend you to bear, if you absorb pain from people who want to dump their pain on you.  You don’t have to absorb everybody’s burdens.  Jesus daily bears your burdens.  His yoke is easy, and his burden is light (Matthew 11:29-30).  Trust him to help you process emotions.  I bless you to breathe deeper, live more freely, and connect more with people and God as you refuse to carry unholy burdens.

I bless your decision-making processes.  You tend to be slow to make transitions based on emotional processing.  It’s not wrong; it’s uniquely you.  You do not like change; you require longer to disengage emotionally and re-engage in the next thing.  I bless you as you let God take you through this process in his time.

I bless your ability to experience life differently.  God wired you to operate intuitively.  You feel the heart of God and make significant decisions based on your heart.  That is your God-given appropriate language.  I bless you for connecting with your heart and putting the other gifts in touch with processing that is spirit to spirit.  You hear from God but have difficulty explaining the “why.”  The first six gifts typically hear God with their mind in a linear, logical way, but you hear and understand God with your spirit before your mind can explain what your spirit heard.  I bless you to be free to say, “I don’t know how I know.  I just know.  I don’t have words.”

I bless you to represent God in tough love.  You hate to confront anybody.  You may find it hard to be firm and decisive because you don’t want to offend.  You tend to avoid decisions and firmness until not deciding will cause greater hurt.  When you are operating below the maximum of your gifting, you may bless what is broken or even sinful.  An enabler will sympathize with those who violate God’s standards to preserve the feelings of others.  I bless your design by God to be absorbed in his holiness so that there is no way to enable brokenness or sinfulness.

You do not like to take sides or choose between two people.  You may be seen as indecisive, because you do not want to hurt anybody or say they are wrong.  Your highest authority will come when you are so aligned with God’s perspective that you can appeal to those in sin and encourage them to come into alignment with God.  Your model is Jesus who only did what he saw his Father doing.  I bless you as you embrace your responsibility to see that which is clean and complete and aligned with God and bless others to raise the standard. 

I bless you to let Father God re-father you and show you who you really are.  Let him heal your wounds of earthly fathering and authorities.  I bless you to let your heavenly Father establish you in your spirit.  I bless you to be deeply fathered by him, until there is no fear, insecurity, or roots of rejection or abandonment, so that you have freedom, wholeness, willingness to risk, inclusion, and belongingness.  I bless you to step into your proper place in your heavenly Father, so you can live out your birthright.

Your spirit is not meant to be passive or to allow injustice.  I bless you to win the battle against the victim mindset that attracts infirmity, financial devouring, physical abuse, sexual assault, or dishonor.  You are a covenant child of the Most High God.  You have dignity, honor, authority, and a special place in God’s dominion.  I bless you to rise up and live in all that you are in God.

You dislike and avoid warfare until you are pushed into a corner.  When you see the pain others suffer, you can be drawn into spiritual warfare as a last resort.  You are intended to master the art of worship as warfare.  I bless you as you lift up the glory of God, his power, his miracles, and his works, his names, reminding all the heaven, earth and hell that we serve God Most High.  That is a radical disruption of the powers of evil around you.

I bless your creativity that raises the water table of the spiritual life of your faith community.  You are drawn to the arts that allow you to express your love of God or vent the pain you feel or say visually what you do not have words for.  Your sensitive spirit can express prayer, praise, reflection, peace, forgiveness, or reconciliation and connect them with the five senses.  You appreciate creative expression and beauty in the spiritual life of the church.

Your spirit knows you are made to worship.  You seek the face of God in intimacy.  You are called to fulfillment by connecting with the Spirit of God and easily going into his presence to absorb his holiness and glory and bring others there.  You can release the holiness of the glory of God into the world, and I bless you as you impart the blessing of presence and alignment to people, land, the environment, and buildings.  I bless you to absorb the holiness of God in the holy of holies, and then release the blessing of his holiness and to align that which is crooked or warped. 

On the seventh day God aligned, sanctified, and celebrated everything he had already made.  You celebrate the rightness of everything God has done and is doing.  You know what right alignment is when all the pieces are in their right place.  You are right to feel in your spirit that there is something more.  I bless your innate knowing that there is another dimension of beauty, excellence, and perfection where everything is so right it resonates in heavenly keys and rhythms.  I bless you with moving toward alignment in the spirit realm where the spirit brings out the best of the soul, and the spirit and the soul are releasing the finest of what the body can do.  That is your birthright.

I bless you with becoming the guardian of God’s alignment with your blessing of presence.  I bless you as God releases you into the fullness of who you were made to be-knowing your Father, blessing others, and releasing holiness to their spirits.  You are called to be large-spirited.  I bless you with authority and dominion in the community of the spirit.  I bless you in the name of the 7-fold Spirit of the true and living God, Amen.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blessing Prayer for the Ruler

I bless your leadership call to organize and administer social units, groups of people, and resources.  Your maximum leadership quotient is based on God’s gifting, being submitted to God’s law, and being life-giving to those around you.  I bless you as an implementer who takes a vision and effectively implements a plan from incremental steps.  You know the resources available and needed to reach a goal.  You can visualize the final result of a major undertaking by a group, and at the same time break down major goals into smaller achievable tasks for individuals, as Nehemiah did.  I bless how you pull together a group based on loyalty to own a problem together.  You need loyalty and confidence from those who are being directed and served.

I bless your strength of seeing the opportunity to use imperfect, broken people and position them to draw the best out of them without letting their brokenness damage the whole.  I bless how you position others for success while minimizing their weaknesses that could hinder a project.  You can overlook character faults and woundedness, inexperience, immaturity in people who otherwise have valuable skills to offer in reaching the goal.  I bless you for bringing out of people the very best that they can contribute to the whole group.

I bless your ability to know what you should and should not delegate to others.  You can orchestrate the details by delegating, and you do not involve yourself in details in order to focus on the ultimate goal.

I bless your ability to thrive under pressure and also to motivate people to do more than they think they can do.  I bless how you challenge people to go beyond anything they have done before, but you are sensitive to know when you are putting other people under too much pressure.  Jesus has given you the life-giving treasure of himself in you with which to be life-giving, even when you are expecting people to go beyond where they have ever been.

God has given you the gift of being task-oriented, focused on the objective.  I bless your ability to endure reaction from insiders and outsiders to reach higher envisioned goal, as you appropriately balance suggestions, appeals, and valid complaints of those on the team.  I bless you to be totally in tune with God and doing what he says to do.  You do not need the affirmation of other people when you’ve heard from God.  You can receive your vindication from God and wait a long time for it.  Your example is Jesus, who was willing to be humbled and accepted the reviling of others to bring freedom to the world.  He endured the scorn, despising the shame (Hebrews 12:2), when sinful men tortured him and crucified him, thus bringing salvation to us.

Some will not appreciate the work that you are doing or the way you are doing it.  Some will resist and resent you, and others will be jealous of you.  I bless you to carry on, because God has designed you to be less influenced by public opinion than most.  You can endure opposition and criticism by those over, under, and around you.  I bless you to press on when people who should support you don’t.

I bless you as you inspire and encourage a team through cheerfulness, approval, praise, challenge, personal sensitivity, and nurture.  I bless you to give explanation to each strategic part of individual roles in the big picture.  Everybody needs to know that their role is vital, even indispensable, and where their contribution fits into the overall scheme.  I bless you to not overlook individual needs of workers and not to view them as resources, as pieces on a chessboard to accomplish goals or tasks.  I bless you to shepherd people.  It is a beautiful part of being a ruler when you see your call to shepherd the people who are involved in the organization or objective at hand.

I bless your independence in a positive way.  You have no welfare mentality.  You don’t look to others for solutions.  You are not into blame, either yourself or others.  I bless your strength of figuring out how to fix it when something goes wrong.  You are willing to own problems and accomplish the task rather than wasting time blaming and assigning fault.

I bless you with a singleness of heart and the ability to focus on what God has called you to do.  The result of your godly work is disproportionate to investment of resources.  The example of Nehemiah is your heritage as a ruler.  You get results that are beyond brilliant administrative skills when you are partnering with God, doing the main thing or the one thing he has called you to do.

I bless how you see the open door God places before you and use inadequate resources to accomplish extraordinary things.  This is how God made you, and it brings him pleasure when you accomplish that. When you are following God, at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, God’s grace is upon you to find resources that others don’t see and weave them together for a hugely disproportionate impact.  Your Father is pleased when you do the impossible, so that he gets the glory when the only explanation for it is “God was in it.”  He is tapping deep into what he placed within you, and your Father delights in watching you in operation.  That is his great joy.
I bless you to pursue the full range of dominion that God intended for you.  You are so gifted and talented in the natural, that it would take two lifetimes to do everything you are good at.  You look at anything and want to make it bigger and better.  Beware of the danger of success, when you are talented and gifted enough to succeed on your merits.  Your success can become a trap as you camp out on success when God wants you to partner in the spiritual realm and do the supernatural, and accomplish what only God can do.

I bless your diversity.  You have your finger in many pies, and you do it with great skill and grace.  You seem to be good at everything you touch.  You organize and you lead.  You see opportunities and possibilities.  There are things you may do that will bring you pleasure and leave a legacy in your community.  Nevertheless, the good is the eternal enemy of the best.  Sometimes you can settle for man’s plans and fall short of God’s design.  Jesus is your model, as he finished the one thing his Father sent him to do (John 17:4).  On the cross Jesus said, “It is finished.”  He got the key thing done.  There is no greater satisfaction at the end of the day or of a lifetime, than to know that you have glorified your Father by doing exactly what he wanted you to do.  I bless you to find your greatest fulfillment there, as his kingdom will be extended, and the world will be changed for generations to come.

A potential weakness of your gift is compromise, settling for what is OK instead of God’s best.  That is not God’s highest and best for you.  God designed you for living in righteousness, holiness, and life-giving.  On these values you stand or fall.  I bless you to use the moral authority that comes from submitting to God as the basis of your authority.  Where you have integrity, you will have spiritual authority, greater influence, and everything necessary to lead people.  As you do that, your moral and spiritual authority will grow and you will give life to your community as the righteous leader God wants you to be.

I bless your joy and fulfillment in seeing all the parts come together in a finished product.  Hebrews 12 says that for the joy set before him, Jesus endured the cross where he paid in full the total legal penalty for sin.  Because of that finished work on the cross, we have freedom.  I bless you to live in freedom and fight for freedom for others.  I bless you in the principle of freedom that is the fruit of effectively weaving together resources, principles, and blessings to move toward your birthright.  I bless you in the fullness of your calling to show the world what freedom can be.

I bless your God-given authority in a high level of generational anointing.  You desire to impart generational blessings.  God’s call is for you to concern yourself with the spirit realm in your family, purging and cleansing the generational lines and building a generational blessing and heritage for the generations after you.  Your birthright is to invest in a community of faith and to cleanse others from the defilement coming down from their ancestors, to build a deposit of blessing that will carry them for generations after you leave.  I bless you as you step into the greatness that God has called you to and become passionate about cleansing your spiritual line and building a spiritual heritage for your physical and spiritual need.  You were made to leave a great spiritual heritage as you accrue a high level of spiritual dominion over spiritual issues and pass on to your physical and spiritual offspring generational blessings that will pursue them all their days.

I bless you with expanding your thinking about our gift.  It is more than dominion over people as of a leader of organizations.  That is a portion of your birthright, but that is not the original mandate of God.  Based on the sixth day of creation, God designed you for dominion over the animal kingdom, although you have not lived it yet.  Your birthright is to set the spiritual dynamic of the day and to call the right living creatures to do the right thing, whether in motion, or sound, or color, etc.  You may be nowhere near there yet, but I bless you with releasing what God has placed in you that has been carried for hundreds of generations since Adam and Eve without seeing its full expression.  I bless you in your generation with unleashing the power that God has placed in creation.  I bless you with living in the original blessing that God gave to you, son of Adam and son of the Second Adam.

As a ruler you may not have developed in your capacity for fathering and leading the human spirit.  On the sixth day of creation God created the human spirit and placed it in the first man.  The spirit is the righteous domain of the ruler, not just command and power and control.  I bless you as you grow and become accomplished in your spiritual DNA of leading the spirits of others.  I bless your capacity for fathering the human spirit, for knowing when to build and when to war, that comes with your gift.  You are called to know more about how to guide, lead, shape, and use the spirit, as well as the soul.  I bless your call to father by nurturing the human spirit, not just the soul.  I bless you in your challenge to understand the spirit as profoundly as you understand the soul.  I bless you as you nurture your spirit and rely on the power of heaven to supplement what you can do in the natural.

Mobilize the spirits of people – leading, grouping, deploying their spirits. Create the synergy of one person’s spirit with another, of one team’s spirit with another team’s spirit.  You were made to father the spirit, not just the soul.  I bless you as you understand how to bless the human spirit for the good of the kingdom of God.  I bless you as you live in your anointing to nurture the human spirit and weave together a human community based on oneness of spirit, not common goals for the soul.  When the spirit is dominant, it draws out the best of the soul.  The soul operates at a better level when it is under the leadership of the spirit.  I bless you to use the resources of the spirit and the resources of heaven in fathering the next generation.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blessing Prayer for the Giver

Giver, God chose you in Christ before the creation of the world to be who you are and to be gifted just as you are.  You are not as out front as some of the other gifts, but they need you.  I bless you to be enriched and enlarged in God’s design of you and to come into alignment with his plans for you.  God loves your gift, and he celebrates the complexity of your life.  I bless you for your diversity.  You have done many things, and yet you would like to do, know how to do, and can do many more things.  You are involved in many projects, interests, and activities.  You are adaptable and flexible.  You do not fit easily into stereotypes or molds.

I bless your nurturing and celebrating your family, your desire to have family comfortable in relationship.  Nurture is a big component of your gift.  It is an expression of nature of God.  I bless you as you release into your family line everything that God has in the gold mine of your inheritance.  You have the God-given calling to weave people together into a relational culture, into a dynamic that is greater than the sum of its parts.  I bless you with representing the heart of the Father who is a God of community.  You represent his desire to create, nurture, and sustain community because you are made in his image. God delights in your desire to be life-giving to the family, to the community of faith, and to the world around you.

I bless your desire, ability, and authority to birth, nurture, and protect new ideas and new things.  The prophet gift needs you for the synergy released when you and the prophet team together in the alignment and timing that God has designed for the two of you.  Receive the way that God made you to contribute to his life in the body of Christ.

I bless your generational worldview.  You are focused on preparing the way for others after you.  God designed you to release generational blessings.  God calls you to bless and to raise blessing to a high level.  You fulfill your birthright when you invoke life-giving generational blessings for your family and community and produce life-giving systems that express God’s design.

I bless your alertness and creativity to see options, opportunities, and possibilities that others miss.  You are opportunistic in seizing the moment.  I bless your success in less than ideal circumstances where all the resources are not available.  I bless you to maximize imperfect environments or skill sets and create something new and lasting, finding the win-win proposition for yourself and others at the same time.

I bless your heart’s desire to see people saved and the kingdom of God expanded as an eternal generational inheritance.  The synergy for the kingdom is complete as you help other gifts bring unbelievers into the kingdom by providing the resources and identifying fruit that is ripe for picking.

I bless you for your independence and how you stand alone.  It is a positive trait when it partners with acknowledging your need of God.  Independence can be very powerful when it is totally surrendered to God and in partnership with him.  Pride in personal competence is a challenging occupational hazard of the giver gift.  I bless you with the ability to overcome the temptation of considering yourself to be self-contained, having the authority, the money, the influence, the resources, and/or the security to do whatever you feel led to do.  I bless you to be vigilant and no to let this strength be corrupted into control, which is a perversion of your gift.

I bless your strong desire to maintain your own uniqueness, but I bless you with understanding the interdependence of the gifts personally and in the community of faith.  Focus on what you have to add to the other gifts with cooperation, partnership, alignment, and synergy that God intends.  Trust God to work in them to accomplish a win-win proposition with all the gifts.

I bless you with understanding and an awareness of where your gift gets tripped up.  I bless you with healing of the wounds that have caused your basic trust to be fractured and caused you to respond out of woundedness.  I bless you to grow into your greatest potential living in the authority and honor of the giver gift.

I bless you to win the battle of gratitude.  God commanded the giver nation of Israel to remember and to celebrate his presence, his works, and his wonders.  I bless you with the desire to celebrate God’s past intervention.  I bless you with the foundation of worship, a lifestyle of looking for and seeing God’s fingerprints on every part of life.  I bless your leading others to recognize the work of God and calling attention to him as he provides big things and little things.

I bless you as a net-worker, bringing people together, persuading and inspiring people to do things that they would not normally do.  Nobody networks like the giver, and you delight in introducing people and building through relationship.  Develop your gift of being intentionally life-giving from your spirit to the spirit of others.

Giver, you are pragmatic and a practical peacemaker.  You are not confrontational by nature.  You are diplomatic, not wanting to offend.  In dealing with people, you get disproportionate return on your effort.  You can work with people who have conflicting views and theologies for the sake of a group or a project.  You relate to a wide range of very different people.  It is as if you are the hub of a wheel, and the spokes radiate out from you.  Without the hub, the wheel could not move forward to accomplish a God-given objective.  I bless your ability in the community of believers to keep the other gifts related and properly focused.

You are careful of your reputation and that of others.  You speak of what is good, righteous, and commendable in other people.  I bless your caring about the reputation of the kingdom and of the bride of Christ.

You resist manipulation of information.  You don’t like to have anything withheld from you.  You have an intuitive sense for what is false.  I bless your gift of discernment in this area.

You usually do the right things, and your acquaintances would say of you that you are a nice person.  I bless you to go deeper with God and deepen your spiritual motivation of holiness, which is pleasing to him.

You find favor in money and resources flowing to you without human explanation or reason.  You find bargains, and people give you discounts.  At times you may find yourself fighting the temptation to use money as a point of security or as a means of gratification, entitlement, reward, or control.  I bless your spirit with the ability to overcome these temptations.

I bless you to give well and wisely where there is the greatest potential for eternal return on your investment.  When your giving is exercised with God’s wisdom, it makes others grateful for God’s generosity, and he gets the credit and the glory.  I bless you with learning how to give in ways that nurture the spirit to form a deeper and richer community.

You tend not to see patterns from the past.  You also tend to rationalize and often to blame.  You resent it when someone confronts you over issues that are more than a week old.  I bless you with the ability to learn from life experiences and see things from God’s perspective.  I bless you with the ability to react with grace when others point out patterns that you do not see.

I bless you with being secure because of your relationship with God.  I bless you with letting God take your faith to new levels.  Sometimes faith is hard for you, because you want to avoid risk, and it may lead to fear and control.  I bless you with winning the battle against control.  It’s not God’s design for you to play it safe and only do the things that you are sure that you can handle.  I bless you with faith that is greater than fear of risk.

Stewardship is the essence of living by faith. You receive resources from God to do what he calls you to do.  God’s standard for the giver is stewardship of all, because everything belongs to him.  The principle of stewardship relates to life, potential, gifts, resources, and relationships.  It extends to long-term life-giving generational changes.  You are meant to establish relationship and invest in generational blessings that you will pass on.  I bless you with being the model of a steward of everything God gives.

I bless you with being settled in who you are in Christ, your identity in him, and your legitimacy as a covenant child of the King of kings, as you partner with him in intimate relationship.

You are meant to interface powerfully with the other gifts.  The community of the gifts needs you to possess your birthright in your unique way.  That is the dignity, honor, and beauty of the God-seeking giver.  You are God’s choice for some significant things.  I bless you with moving into your birthright.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blessing Prayer for Exhorter

God has blessed you with the gift of being a change-agent in your world.  You are inspirational and a great motivator who can inspire others to do exploits for God.  God designed you to long to put him and his glory on a large stage.

You are fun to be around.  You are outgoing, intensely people-oriented and relational.  I bless your ability to cross every kind of barrier, socially, racially, economically, and religiously.  You can relate to everybody wherever they are and strike up a conversation about heart matters, because you are adaptable, accepted by everybody.  I bless your ability to never meet a stranger.  You find the key to their heart in a short time.  You can relate to the God-shaped vacuum in people.  God opens it up to you.  I bless you with meeting people where they are and taking them to the next step that God has for them. 

I bless your gift for communication.  I bless your words, the urgency and frequency with which you speak.  God made you to be verbally expressive, and it is good.  I bless you to speak of spirit things, life-giving things.  You are called to know God and to make him known.  I bless you with magnifying the greatness of God.  Ask God to give you his voice that is not hindered by the legitimacy needs of the soul.  When you have touched God and are sharing him, other people open up their spirits to your spirit to receive revelation about him.  I bless you with maturity and growth, being conformed to Jesus that will keep your gift totally spirit-to-spirit.
You are designed to be relational.  I bless your ability to light up a room with your presence.  You are energized by being with people.  You value face-to-face time.  You are inclusive.  I bless you for bringing others into your circle of influence without compromising your view of God.  I bless you for loving God and loving people and wanting to bring the two together.  Your relationships are the vehicle for bringing together people with the reality of God.  I bless your skill in creating and sustaining relationships.  It is one of your most obvious and easiest strengths, but your deepest strength is how quickly you see truth in the Word of God.  You can reveal the nature of God and new facets of God to people who already know a lot about him. 

You easily transition from small talk to relationship to evangelism.  You can speak of faith to a pre-Christian so that he receives it in his spirit when his soul is not interested.  You can receive people where they are but challenge them practically, simply, and powerfully to see God bigger.  You bring great pleasure to Jesus’ heart as you incarnate this portion of himself. 

As Jesus listened to his Father, he led his disciples by relationship, persuasion, time, and attention.  You are at your finest when you are listening to your Father like Jesus, as you reach, teach, and lead by influence, persuasion, and consensus.  You can smoothly bring a group of people to a course of action they need to take.  You have a coaching style of leadership.

You are a master of reconciliation over disunity and independent spirits because you can celebrate differences.  You are tactful, diplomatic, and approachable.  You can smoothly bring a word in an acceptable way.  You are an ambassador, a minister, a friend, confidant, listener, affirmer, and counselor.  The rest of the body needs your skillset.

You are a visionary.  You tend to see a broader picture, the largest number of people.  You can lay a vision for a diverse group.  You are sensitive to the timing and movement of God.  You are flexible and quick to see opportunities and change a plan to take advantage of what God is doing at the moment.  You are not intimidated by new ideas, new opportunity, new potential, new challenges, or new truth.

Your greatest calling is to know God and to reveal him to others.  You are gifted to see God in Scripture.  You get so much out of the Word of God with little time and effort.  That is an extraordinary fighting from God-to extract nuggets of truths from the Word.  I bless you to go vertical with God, hear from him, and discipline yourself to see him in ways others do not, so that you can point out truths others overlook.  Jesus revealed his Father in parables, in lessons from life, and you are marvelous at presenting a story.  Your teaching style is narrative and illustrative.  You speak the message of parable to meet people where they are.

People-pleasing is a battle for everybody at times, depending on our wounding and where we get our significance and legitimacy.  I bless you to win the battle of people-pleasing in order to know God and possess your birthright.  God forced world-changers Moses and Paul to get to know him in a desert season alone, so they could become mighty in spirit in what he called them to do.  In prison God gave Paul revelation that people have benefited from for 2000 years, as he authored the majority of the epistles, the theology, the teaching, and practices of the early church.  We are the recipients 2000 years later through his exhorter gift.  I bless you with getting God’s picture of your God-given abilities of persuasion and leadership and his desire to take you to something that you don’t even dream for yourself right now.

I bless you with living by principle and risking reaction, offense, alienation, or rejection for the truth of God without compromise of soft choices.  I bless you with the strength of character, wisdom, and grace to confront what needs to be confronted.  Paul the exhorter said, “If I were a slave of men, I would not be a slave of God.”  I bless you with freedom from the need to be liked when God leads you to confront.  You will be living in God’s highest authority and life-giving anointing when you confront as Jesus did with grace and love.  I bless you with placing relationship in its proper place on the altar before God and desiring holiness and obedience to him.  The pleasure of the Father is on you when you take the attitude of Jesus toward sin, that it must be dealt with and that he paid the ultimate price to deal with it.

Love and faith and service are markers of the exhorter.  You are very busy, function on little sleep, wear many hats, and are involved in many projects.   You do an abundance of things and take advantage of many opportunities.  That is how God made you.  Model your life on how Jesus lived his life.  He said, “I have finished all that you have given me to do.”  Do the work that your Father gives you to do, and don’t default into getting your significance from being busy.  I bless you to know that your plans are God’s plan.  Find out where he is at work and join him.  Great synergy and great blessing are released, beyond your natural abilities, when you cooperate with God.  Often the good is the greatest hindrance to the best.  Don’t settle for an Ishmael, when God wants to give you an Isaac.  I bless you to discover the one thing God wants you to do.

I bless you with taking your God-designed dominion over time and timing.  I bless you with not being defeated by time, but having responsibility in time issues.  That’s who God made you to be.  I bless your supernatural design for bringing God’s timing and season’s into reality.  God designed you to know and to mark the seasons of God because you know the mind of God and you are sensitive to his appropriate timing.

I bless you to know the principle of sowing and reaping.  I bless you as you righteously respond to pain and see redemptive lessons in personal pain and suffering.  “No pain, no gain.”  Paul the exhorter wrote one of the most sublime passages in the Bible in Philippians 3:8-10.  That is vintage exhorter.  You earn authority that comes through embracing personal pain and suffering, so that God releases your authority in his kingdom.

Go to God and get his perspective on the largeness of your calling.  I bless you to use the strengths of your skillset:  confidence, strength, boldness, and commanding presence on all areas of your God-given authority.  I bless you with time, ability, resources, and pathway to develop areas of your greatest potential.  I bless you with time, ability, resources, and pathway to develop areas of your greatest potential.  I bless your call to reveal God in his greatness, his holiness, his perfection.  I bless you to be who God made you to be as a reflection of Christ.  Continue to be your joyous, extravagant self.  Press hard, run fast, pursue the limitless horizon.  I bless you to unleash the Spirit and the Word in the context of community to the glory of God.  I bless you to be a reflection of the nature of Christ wherever you go.  I bless you in Jesus’ name.

Blessing Prayer for Teacher

I bless your God-given need to validate truth.  It is central to who you are.  You serve the body of Christ when you look at things from a number of different angles to validate truth.  This is one of the best ways to identify the teacher gift (Luke 1:1-4).  Luke, with his teacher gift, wrote more details on history of the early church than any other New Testament author.

You have a hunger for understanding that causes you to ask many questions.  I bless you to celebrate the power and presence of God, seeing his fingerprints and rejoicing over what he is doing.  I bless you to incarnate the person and character of Jesus, not just document him.  Resist the temptation to verify truth with your natural wisdom and rely on your knowledge, intellect, or education.  I bless you to cultivate relationship with Jesus and see him in the Word, and to know him, not just know about him (John 5:39-40; Jeremiah 9:23)

I honor you for your commitment to go to the Word of God first.  The best reflection of God’s truth is incarnated in your life, not in discussions or arguments of words or ideas.  I bless you to take care of your own spirit, so that you can speak into the emptiness of others and share truth relevantly and persuasively.

I bless your gift that causes you to be careful and precise in sharing details, like Luke.  Luke3:1 is a snapshot of the detailed and historically accurate mindset of a teacher.  I bless you to move in the strength of your gift and to mine the goldmine of our gift.

You prefer the old, established, and validated because the tried-and-true is more credible to you.  You make others stop and consider things biblically.  You are not easily swayed from the truth, an anchor against every wind of doctrine.  We need you anchor to the Word to not spin off after every religious fad.  We need you to systematically organize and present truth, yet make going forward in God the point of reference for all choices, not defending what was.  I bless you with a new word in your vocabulary…yet.  We’ve never done it that way…yet.
Some teachers look for more credentials or more degrees to attest to their competence.  This is man’s validation and legitimizing.  Identity is the issue.  When that is settled in Christ, you understand who you are, and you know your purpose.  Then you can step up into leadership without further validation from man.  I bless you with hearing and knowing who you are and what our Father designed you to do.
You process and make decisions slowly.  In your search for truth, find the true wisdom of trusting God when you can’t figure things out.  One of your strengths is that you do not reject new ideas outright, but you do not go forward as quickly as visionaries think you ought to.  Repeatedly Scripture says of Mary, “She pondered all these things in her heart.”  Give your spirit the space, the time, and the solitude it needs.
I bless the way God designed you.  God made you the way you are, and he likes you the way you are.  God did not make a mistake when he designed you.  You listen, observe, gather all the evidence, process everything, and summarize it in your mind.  Then you give one or two sentences that summarizes and clarifies the whole picture.  God made you to slow down impulsive people who jump to conclusions too quickly.  The synergy of the prophet, teacher and mercy can be huge when you work together bringing your strengths to bear.  Prophet presents truth and brings to conviction, teacher is ready to point the way back to reconciliation, and mercy brings healing and cleansing into alignment.

I bless you as God challenges your faith, when you want to know the outcome before beginning.  You may not be willing to begin a process until you can see the end.  God gives the next step, and he expects you to obey that before he reveals what comes next.  I bless you to not let fear immobilize you and keep you from obeying God.

You are deeply committed to leadership.  Samuel’s loyalty to Saul exemplifies this.  God removed Saul and his family line from his position as king because of his iniquity, yet Samuel grieved for him.  Likewise Luke was loyal to Paul to the end when Demos, Crescens, Titus, and others went off in different directions.  I bless your deep loyalty to leaders.

You tend to have a wonderful sense of humor and can defuse a volatile discussion with a quick, charming one-liner.  You are a safe person emotionally, and wounded people feel comfortable being around you.  You can listen to brokenness and sin without a critical attitude.  You will not reject a person in sin and will lay out a path of obedience for him and let him choose.  You are great at holding the standard of righteousness and making the way of reconciliation after there has been a violation of standard.  Isaiah modeled this in Isaiah 1:1-15.  This is classic teacher.  I bless your priestly strength and calling of presenting people to God and representing God to people with blessing.

Intimacy and prayer can be a battleground for you. Pursue intimacy with God at the very highest level.  Don’t settle for knowledge and miss intimacy with God in in-depth personal interaction with him.  You have the duality of validating truth and experiencing intimate relationship with him.  Live in intimacy and worship by feeding both your spirit and your mind.  Cultivate listening to both the Word and the Spirit speaking to you and encouraging you, the best of both worlds-spirit and truth.

I bless you, teacher, to reveal Jesus as he is.  I bless you to come forth with righteousness, refreshment, refuge, redemption, restoration, reconciliation, and resurrection.  This is your time to show the world the Lord Jesus Christ who reveals the Father, to have that kind of intimate personal relationship.

Responsibility is the key issue for the teacher.  You tend to be unwilling to impose responsibility on others and have difficulty compelling others to do what is right.  You do not like to take the initiative to confront that which is wrong.  You wait for the sinner to become convicted and come for help.  This is a strength, and it can be a weakness if you are too tolerant of sin, too patient with people who are doing wrong.  It is appropriate to give people time to repent.

We thank God for your gift.  There is a time for showing kindness, but there is a time for confronting.  When God says “Enough!,” I bless you with the sensitivity to his voice.  I bless you to be filled with wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fear of the Lord, and wise God-centered confrontation when necessary in the right time.

I bless you in areas where you excel in responsibility, and I bless you to not to compartmentalize responsibility.  I bless your responsibility and stewardship across the board which the Father has entrusted to you, particularly at home.  I bless you to develop the discipline necessary to support your giftedness.
I bless you to be a son, not a slave.  I bless your sons to be taught of the Lord, and great will be their peace.  I bless you to fulfill your gifting in your generation so that life and healing are released for succeeding generations.  I bless your generational nurturing of your sons and daughters-physical and spiritual-in the training and reverence of the Lord, so that generational blessings will pursue subsequent generations.
I bless this time of your birthright with all the timeliness of Ecclesiastes 3:1-11.  I ask God to give you significant authority in the blessing of Daniel, where you have the information that you need in a timely manner for strategic options, as you are committed to using the truth to set people free.  Prepare the way of the Lord in righteous alignment with his purposes and his time.  I bless you with great anticipation, great joy, great peace, great hope and great fulfillment in Jesus’ name.  Amen.