Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blessing Prayer for the Ruler

I bless your leadership call to organize and administer social units, groups of people, and resources.  Your maximum leadership quotient is based on God’s gifting, being submitted to God’s law, and being life-giving to those around you.  I bless you as an implementer who takes a vision and effectively implements a plan from incremental steps.  You know the resources available and needed to reach a goal.  You can visualize the final result of a major undertaking by a group, and at the same time break down major goals into smaller achievable tasks for individuals, as Nehemiah did.  I bless how you pull together a group based on loyalty to own a problem together.  You need loyalty and confidence from those who are being directed and served.

I bless your strength of seeing the opportunity to use imperfect, broken people and position them to draw the best out of them without letting their brokenness damage the whole.  I bless how you position others for success while minimizing their weaknesses that could hinder a project.  You can overlook character faults and woundedness, inexperience, immaturity in people who otherwise have valuable skills to offer in reaching the goal.  I bless you for bringing out of people the very best that they can contribute to the whole group.

I bless your ability to know what you should and should not delegate to others.  You can orchestrate the details by delegating, and you do not involve yourself in details in order to focus on the ultimate goal.

I bless your ability to thrive under pressure and also to motivate people to do more than they think they can do.  I bless how you challenge people to go beyond anything they have done before, but you are sensitive to know when you are putting other people under too much pressure.  Jesus has given you the life-giving treasure of himself in you with which to be life-giving, even when you are expecting people to go beyond where they have ever been.

God has given you the gift of being task-oriented, focused on the objective.  I bless your ability to endure reaction from insiders and outsiders to reach higher envisioned goal, as you appropriately balance suggestions, appeals, and valid complaints of those on the team.  I bless you to be totally in tune with God and doing what he says to do.  You do not need the affirmation of other people when you’ve heard from God.  You can receive your vindication from God and wait a long time for it.  Your example is Jesus, who was willing to be humbled and accepted the reviling of others to bring freedom to the world.  He endured the scorn, despising the shame (Hebrews 12:2), when sinful men tortured him and crucified him, thus bringing salvation to us.

Some will not appreciate the work that you are doing or the way you are doing it.  Some will resist and resent you, and others will be jealous of you.  I bless you to carry on, because God has designed you to be less influenced by public opinion than most.  You can endure opposition and criticism by those over, under, and around you.  I bless you to press on when people who should support you don’t.

I bless you as you inspire and encourage a team through cheerfulness, approval, praise, challenge, personal sensitivity, and nurture.  I bless you to give explanation to each strategic part of individual roles in the big picture.  Everybody needs to know that their role is vital, even indispensable, and where their contribution fits into the overall scheme.  I bless you to not overlook individual needs of workers and not to view them as resources, as pieces on a chessboard to accomplish goals or tasks.  I bless you to shepherd people.  It is a beautiful part of being a ruler when you see your call to shepherd the people who are involved in the organization or objective at hand.

I bless your independence in a positive way.  You have no welfare mentality.  You don’t look to others for solutions.  You are not into blame, either yourself or others.  I bless your strength of figuring out how to fix it when something goes wrong.  You are willing to own problems and accomplish the task rather than wasting time blaming and assigning fault.

I bless you with a singleness of heart and the ability to focus on what God has called you to do.  The result of your godly work is disproportionate to investment of resources.  The example of Nehemiah is your heritage as a ruler.  You get results that are beyond brilliant administrative skills when you are partnering with God, doing the main thing or the one thing he has called you to do.

I bless how you see the open door God places before you and use inadequate resources to accomplish extraordinary things.  This is how God made you, and it brings him pleasure when you accomplish that. When you are following God, at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, God’s grace is upon you to find resources that others don’t see and weave them together for a hugely disproportionate impact.  Your Father is pleased when you do the impossible, so that he gets the glory when the only explanation for it is “God was in it.”  He is tapping deep into what he placed within you, and your Father delights in watching you in operation.  That is his great joy.
I bless you to pursue the full range of dominion that God intended for you.  You are so gifted and talented in the natural, that it would take two lifetimes to do everything you are good at.  You look at anything and want to make it bigger and better.  Beware of the danger of success, when you are talented and gifted enough to succeed on your merits.  Your success can become a trap as you camp out on success when God wants you to partner in the spiritual realm and do the supernatural, and accomplish what only God can do.

I bless your diversity.  You have your finger in many pies, and you do it with great skill and grace.  You seem to be good at everything you touch.  You organize and you lead.  You see opportunities and possibilities.  There are things you may do that will bring you pleasure and leave a legacy in your community.  Nevertheless, the good is the eternal enemy of the best.  Sometimes you can settle for man’s plans and fall short of God’s design.  Jesus is your model, as he finished the one thing his Father sent him to do (John 17:4).  On the cross Jesus said, “It is finished.”  He got the key thing done.  There is no greater satisfaction at the end of the day or of a lifetime, than to know that you have glorified your Father by doing exactly what he wanted you to do.  I bless you to find your greatest fulfillment there, as his kingdom will be extended, and the world will be changed for generations to come.

A potential weakness of your gift is compromise, settling for what is OK instead of God’s best.  That is not God’s highest and best for you.  God designed you for living in righteousness, holiness, and life-giving.  On these values you stand or fall.  I bless you to use the moral authority that comes from submitting to God as the basis of your authority.  Where you have integrity, you will have spiritual authority, greater influence, and everything necessary to lead people.  As you do that, your moral and spiritual authority will grow and you will give life to your community as the righteous leader God wants you to be.

I bless your joy and fulfillment in seeing all the parts come together in a finished product.  Hebrews 12 says that for the joy set before him, Jesus endured the cross where he paid in full the total legal penalty for sin.  Because of that finished work on the cross, we have freedom.  I bless you to live in freedom and fight for freedom for others.  I bless you in the principle of freedom that is the fruit of effectively weaving together resources, principles, and blessings to move toward your birthright.  I bless you in the fullness of your calling to show the world what freedom can be.

I bless your God-given authority in a high level of generational anointing.  You desire to impart generational blessings.  God’s call is for you to concern yourself with the spirit realm in your family, purging and cleansing the generational lines and building a generational blessing and heritage for the generations after you.  Your birthright is to invest in a community of faith and to cleanse others from the defilement coming down from their ancestors, to build a deposit of blessing that will carry them for generations after you leave.  I bless you as you step into the greatness that God has called you to and become passionate about cleansing your spiritual line and building a spiritual heritage for your physical and spiritual need.  You were made to leave a great spiritual heritage as you accrue a high level of spiritual dominion over spiritual issues and pass on to your physical and spiritual offspring generational blessings that will pursue them all their days.

I bless you with expanding your thinking about our gift.  It is more than dominion over people as of a leader of organizations.  That is a portion of your birthright, but that is not the original mandate of God.  Based on the sixth day of creation, God designed you for dominion over the animal kingdom, although you have not lived it yet.  Your birthright is to set the spiritual dynamic of the day and to call the right living creatures to do the right thing, whether in motion, or sound, or color, etc.  You may be nowhere near there yet, but I bless you with releasing what God has placed in you that has been carried for hundreds of generations since Adam and Eve without seeing its full expression.  I bless you in your generation with unleashing the power that God has placed in creation.  I bless you with living in the original blessing that God gave to you, son of Adam and son of the Second Adam.

As a ruler you may not have developed in your capacity for fathering and leading the human spirit.  On the sixth day of creation God created the human spirit and placed it in the first man.  The spirit is the righteous domain of the ruler, not just command and power and control.  I bless you as you grow and become accomplished in your spiritual DNA of leading the spirits of others.  I bless your capacity for fathering the human spirit, for knowing when to build and when to war, that comes with your gift.  You are called to know more about how to guide, lead, shape, and use the spirit, as well as the soul.  I bless your call to father by nurturing the human spirit, not just the soul.  I bless you in your challenge to understand the spirit as profoundly as you understand the soul.  I bless you as you nurture your spirit and rely on the power of heaven to supplement what you can do in the natural.

Mobilize the spirits of people – leading, grouping, deploying their spirits. Create the synergy of one person’s spirit with another, of one team’s spirit with another team’s spirit.  You were made to father the spirit, not just the soul.  I bless you as you understand how to bless the human spirit for the good of the kingdom of God.  I bless you as you live in your anointing to nurture the human spirit and weave together a human community based on oneness of spirit, not common goals for the soul.  When the spirit is dominant, it draws out the best of the soul.  The soul operates at a better level when it is under the leadership of the spirit.  I bless you to use the resources of the spirit and the resources of heaven in fathering the next generation.

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