Monday, February 2, 2009

Deal With Unhealed Wounds!

Physician, heal yourself!" Luke 4:23 NKJV

A few years ago, while playing softball, I slid into second base and ripped the skin off my right leg. A week later, it got infected and I had to swallow my pride (guys don't like going to the doctor) and go to the doctor to get medicine. The doctor asked me if I had considered taking up a less dangerous sport, considering my age. The nerve of that guy!! A few weeks later, our family went on a previously planned vacation with our friends Ryan and Jen Scott to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We were so excited to take the kids white water rafting as one of the activities. We chose the extreme river to get the most thrill out of the adventure, actually the kids did the choosing. While shooting the rapids,(I've always wanted to say that) I hit my now scabbed over leg on this post in the center of the boat. It hurt so bad, that all I could do was hold my leg. Forget holding onto the kids, it's every hurt Dad for himself.

Did you know that in the Old Testament a priest could not serve in God's house if he had a scab, which is an unhealed wound or a bleeding sore (See Lev 21:20)? Why? Because when you've got a scab you're not up to par. You can't get close to others in case they bump into you and knock the protective cover off it. You're not at your best because the pain-drain is sapping your strength. You're afraid to talk about your scab in case people reject you, so you wear a mask, live on two levels and become insecure and controlling. Worst of all, you're so busy working for God and taking care of others that you don't think you've time to stop and take care of yourself. The Bible says: "Physician, heal yourself!"

Does this mean people with "issues" can't work for God? No, quite the opposite. It's the broken, who become masters at mending. But first you must take time to be healed. Jesus said that when the blind lead the blind they both fall into a ditch (See Mt 15:14). It's hard to talk about victory to others when you yourself are living in defeat. It's hard to bring emotional healing to others when you're still battling the unresolved issues of your past. When you are still bleeding, you can't treat people's problems with the same kind of aggressive faith you'd have if you'd already worked through the problem.

Is it wrong to have a wounded heart? No, but it's wrong not to deal with it. So, spend time with God and let Him make you whole so that He can use you to minister more effectively to others. Start by reading your bible everyday this week. I believe like the eunuch in Acts 8, God will send answers your way. Let the healing begin and lets shoot the rapids!!!

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